The Hunt For Gollum Released!


One film to rule them all!

Not really – but it is pretty cool.  The Hunt For Gollum was released 2 days ago – it is a 40 minute film produced entirely by fans of the Lord of the Rings (who didn’t want to wait for the Hobbit release).  I’m not a huge fan of the 3 movies that are already out – about 22 hours into the saga I was about ready to end my life (especially after the 32 fade outs at the end of the third).  BUT, I thought this was cool given that the entire thing was done for under £3000.

The story follows Aragon’s creepy look-a-like as he hunts for Gollum who knows the location of the ring. It has pretty cheesy dialog / acting / audio – but they did a decent job on alot of the CG and make up. The characters are eerily reminisent of the actual characters in the movie – but all have a somewhat “herion addicted” look to them.

Anyways – worth a looksie if you are a fan of the trilogy.

Check it out here

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    March 1st, 2010

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