Papervision 3.0 – GIT it now!


If you haven’t read the post over at the Papervision3D blog, you should head over and read it.  We are really cranking on Papervision 3.0 – the new version for Flash Player 10.  I think we have a great start, and best of all, it is on github  so you can watch/contribute to the process!  Head over to where you can download the project in its current state, or git it so you can start participating.

This is my first time using git, and I must say that it has been very challenging to get started in.  Thinking from a SVN standpoint was a big roadblock for me in truly understanding how (g)it works.  Now that I am starting to really grasp how it works, as well as the commands to make it happen, I must say that I really like GIT!  Managing code, especially between multiple branches is incredibly easy to do.

Anyways – enough about git – hopefully my blog will start to generate a few more posts now that the engine is picking up steam – but don’t hold me too it!

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  1. For Windows there is TortoiseGit which is clone of TortoiseSVN and is pretty easy to use.

    October 14th, 2009

  2. Will this be the new papervision instead of papervision X ?

    October 14th, 2009

  3. Great news!:)

    Welcome ‘back’!:) Good luck, hope to catch you at irc #papervision3d @ freenode server again and the rest of the team.

    October 15th, 2009

  4. Yes! Papervision 3.0 is the name of the new version, instead of Papervision X.

    October 20th, 2009

  5. Is papervision death?

    October 16th, 2010

  6. Is Molehill going to revive Papervision3D? We need more updates! Away3D is SLOW!

    November 15th, 2010

  7. viaria

    @trent away3d is faster actually and extends papervision .

    May 4th, 2011

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    December 1st, 2014

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